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Welcome to the UKWebAd Taxi Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Taxi Books and DVDs.

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ISBN 0743449460

It's hardly surprising that John McLaren has already sold the film rights to Black Cabs (along with his earlier Press Send), as this powerful thriller moves with the velocity of an action-packed movie. Using three London cabbies as his protagonists, the uncompromising picture of London life on both sides of the river is idiosyncratic and astringent.When three cabbies attempt to make a killing on the stock market by eavesdropping on the plans of a corporate magnate to engineer a huge take-over, they find they have taken on the sinister might of international banking community. The beleaguered heroes, Len, Terry and Einstein, soon find the sharp suits they are up against have no scruples about using extreme violence to protect their interests--a top financial executive is discovered dead in the back of a cab, and the boys are forced to investigate a monumental cover-up. A further turn of the screw is provided by Len's desperation for the money--on which his daughter's life depends.

ISBN 0856832324

Through the author’s humorous account of his taxi-driving days, the reader gains an insight into the rich variety of people with whom he has come into contact: the famous, the awkward, the shoppers, the emergencies, the crime, the late night clubbers, the mean and the generous tippers. This is Glasgow, rich in variety, seen through the twinkling eyes of a likeable cab-driver whose humanity shines through. 

ISBN 1843940752

ISBN 1410741133

ISBN 0571144640

A loner, Travis Bickle, takes up driving a taxi in search of an escape from his sleeplessness and his disgust with the corruption he finds around him. His pent-up rage, fuelled by his doomed relationship with a political campaign worker, leads to an inevitable descent into psychosis and violence.

ISBN 0811811654

A collection of wit, pearls of wisdom, pithy quotes, and observations on life from New York's premier philosophers is accompanied by black-and-white portrait photographs of the contributors, New York cab drivers.

ISBN 1903706556

This text presents the complete history of the famous taxis known as the "Black Cabs" associated with London, although they have been produced in many colours and used in many cities around the world.

ASIN B000639WK0


DVD Features: • Special Feature Information:
° Inside Look Rebound
° Audio Commentary
° 4 Deleted Scenes
° The Making Of Featurette
° Lights Camera Blue Screen
° Tour Guide Jimmy Fallon
° Reel Comedy Taxi
° Beautiful Criminals Music Montage


I initially tried this as a demo some months before its UK release and found it to be a lot of fun, which in turn caused me to buy the game, it reminded me of the old Midtown Madness games and also of the cardboard cutout graphics of 'London Racer'.

ISBN 0711225613

This work offers an insight into the world of the black cab driver. The vehicles are design classics and the raconteur-chauffers belong to a profession with a history stretching back over 500 years. They boast their own union, newspapers, cafes, car-washes and vocabulary. In this book, photographs are combined with facts, quotes, jokes and anecdotes from the drivers.


ASIN B0006PU536

Large London Taxi
Authentic Diecast Vehicle


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